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These are serious times. With the economy in the tank and the state's largest newspapers trimming staff at an unprecedented rate, there is clearly a void in the amount and quality of news that is covered. New Jersey deserves a comprehensive news web site that covers the mountains of important news that might otherwise go unnoticed.

HardNewsNJ.com, a product of Jaffe Communications, Inc., comprises a team of journalists who is committed to reporting the news coming from the federal government that affects New Jersey, important information from our state departments and the press information from our 40 state senators and 80 state assembly members.

You will find no stories about gossip or lifestyle on these pages. HardNewsNJ.com is dedicated to providing the news that will directly affect you and your family, as New Jersey moves through a painful recession.

Thank you for visiting the news site. Please bookmark us, and visit every morning for the latest in New Jersey news that you need to read.

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Jonathan Jaffe


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