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Using the HardNewsNJ video ad creation tool, you can have a high-quality vido commercial running on our site in just a few minutes.

Our video tool allows any business to create a high-quality video advertisement without breaking the bank. Instead of having to choose between pre-made ads that are used by multiple businesses, our tool let’s you build your unique ad the way you want to. Choose your own images and your own background music, add your own text and provide your own voice-over. You don't even need your own video. Use as few as two photos and our tool will create ads with the "Ken Burns effect."

Nothing is easier than building a video advertisement with our tool. In five steps and in less than three minutes, and without having or needing any techincal skill, you can have an ad that is ready to bring you customers and spread the word about your business or service.

There are two ways to run your ads on our site. The first is to buy a fixed space on our home page in one month increments at a cost of $500 per month. The second way is to have your video advertisment inserted into articles at a cost of $25 per article. You chose the general subject (Campaign 09, Business, Environment...etc) and we'll place the ads in specific articles within that subject. You must buy in multiple of tens. The ads will travel with the articles, meaning that they will never expire, unless you want them to.

Ready towith our tool? Have your credit card ready, as well as any pictures, video or voiceover you need for the ad. The tool works best in Firefox, so if you are having trouble in Internet Explorer, please close the browswer and open your Firefox browser.


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