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Christie offers broad strokes
Written by HardNewsNJ Jstaff   
Thursday, 19 February 2009 16:59

TRENTON – At a press conference today in the State House in Trenton, Chris Christie unveiled themes to cut wasteful spending and restore fiscal responsibility.  This was the first of five major policy rollouts that Christie will announce over the next eight weeks, according to his campaign.
“My long-term plan to reduce government spending will bring sweeping structural changes to our budgetary system to reduce wasteful spending and prevent future tax increases.  I have outlined aggressive, common sense solutions that will reform the way business is done in Trenton.  I will create a smaller and leaner state government that will be transparent in all aspects of the budget process to change the manner in which government spends and allocates taxpayers’ dollars.  As Governor, I pledge to get our fiscal house in order to create a more prosperous future for all New Jerseyans,” said Christie.

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani endorsed GOP gubernatorial hopeful Chris Christie.
GOP gubernatorial hopeful Chris Christie picked up the endorsement of former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani earlier this week.
“Chris Christie’s plan to reduce government spending will aggressively attack one of the greatest economic obstacles our state faces today – the transfer of wealth and income from middle-class taxpayers and small businesses to a growing and inefficient state government,” said Senator Anthony Bucco.  “As a member of the Budget Committee, I am excited at the prospect of having a leader in the Governor’s Office who will partner with me to end the wasteful spending for which Trenton is infamous.”

Three broad tenets direct Chris Christie’s plan to reduce government spending.  Please see below quotes from Christie regarding each:
Key Principles Cutting Spending:
“My plan will change the way Trenton spends and budgets by vetoing wasteful spending, making all spending programs available for discussion, and putting an end to one-shot revenue gimmicks that our state has come to rely on. These steps will fundamentally change the way we budget in our state, and therefore will substantially reduce spending.  ”
Establishing and Empowering Fiscal Watchdogs:
“I will incorporate new spending watchdogs, including an independently elected State Auditor, into the Christie Administration that will concentrate solely on protecting the taxpayer’s interests and reducing wasteful spending in Trenton.”
Implementing Bold New Budget Practices:
“My plan will institute new practices and policies to the budgetary process and make government spending more effective and efficient. I will create new “sunset” provisions, require 2/3 majority vote to impose new taxes or to increase existing taxes, and institute a unitary system approach to collective bargaining.”

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